CEED Hub Skopje is happy to announce that application for our new Acceleration Program is now open! 

Through the Micro and Small Enterprise Project, supported by USAID and Swiss Embassy, CEED Macedonia has secured an Acceleration Investment Fund in total amount of $30.000, which will be invested in all selected start-upsCool stuff such as co-working facilities, networking opportunities, advisers, events, perks, fund scouting, and support in developing of the products/services will be provided as well.  During the program, a network of more than fifteen mentors and instructors will support you. At the end of the 14 weeks, you will get the chance to pitch your startup at an open Demo Day event with venture capitalists, business angels and venture funds.
If you are
·         a registered company in Macedonia not older than 5 years,
·          or willing to register by the end of February,
·         if you are a great and functional team and have some prototype,
·         if you are a problem solver with a flexible mindset ready to make changes
please apply by February 19th.

Note: Only selected candidates/startups will be contacted with further details about the program.
Apply here
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